The modern manufacturing facility of Jumps is designed to have a high degree of self-sufficiency, modern and innovative process technology.

Manufacturing Excellence

Jumps caters to discerning customers in India and in the technologically advanced markets of the USA and Europe. To ensure that the company’s products are accepted and trusted by such customers, Jumps has invested in high-end manufacturing facilities at Gurgaon in the Delhi National Capital Region. The entire product range of Jumps is manufactured at these completely integrated facilities. In addition to the advantages of economies of scale, the strategic benefit of self-sufficiency and the ability to achieve accuracy and precision in design and specifications, the “everything-under-one-roof” setup allows Jumps to exert meticulous control over quality, processes and systems.

The manufacturing facilities at Jumps are designed to facilitate market-led scalability. The automated processes enable the company to expand capacity, ramp up volumes and improve system efficiencies quickly and easily. To this end, the levels of automation are continuously being reinforced by the induction of new equipment.

Over the years, Jumps has mastered the art of combining technology solutions in critical areas with self-certifying systems in assembly and manual operations. These self-certifying techniques are known as Poka-yoke – a set of Japanese best practices used in automotive manufacturing all over the world. This combination of tech solutions and self-certifying systems enables the company to leverage the dual advantage of low-cost labour and advanced technology to achieve high levels of product reliability and standardisation.

Key Highlights:


The manufacturing facilities include an in-house Machine Shop equipped with technologically superior CNC Lathe Machines, CNC Milling Machines and Automated Multi-Head Drilling Machines. This in-house facility also enables Jumps to adopt a Single Piece Flow System and Cellular Manufacturing System both of which go a long way in underlining the company’s focus on Manufacturing Excellence as an organisational attribute.


To support the sizable manufacturing infrastructure that Jumps has invested in, the facility includes an in-house Tool Room with comprehensive capabilities for the development of new specialised tools, jigs and fixtures; the Tool Room also plays a pivotal role in maintaining and servicing these tools. The operation of the Tool Room is supervised by qualified and experienced technical personnel.


The manufacturing strengths at Jumps are reinforced by significant in-house capabilities for the development and engineering of new production lines, optimising manufacturing processes and for putting newly developed products into production. The access to in-house Machine Shop and Tool Room facilities enables Jumps to hone its design expertise, project management skills and reverse engineering competencies into strategic and competitive advantages.


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