All suppliers need to be pre-validated and
their supplier rating & processes are closely
monitored by the Supplier QA team.

Obsession with Quality

At Jumps, the obsession with quality is a deeply ingrained organisational trait. Quality is not seen merely as a specification to be adhered to, a standard to be matched or a benchmark to be met. For people across every level at Jumps, Quality is a long-term commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction.

The focus on quality is implicit in the systems and workflows within the organisation, in particular:


At Jumps, Quality begins at the beginning – with the first stage of the manufacturing process: purchases. At the entry level, system-based quality parameters are mapped on to each component and vendor to create a set of stringent acceptance criteria for all purchases. All vendors require pre-validation and their ratings and processes are monitored regularly by a Vendor QA Team. On the basis of this information, suppliers whose processes are aligned closely with our Quality norms are upgraded by the Vendor QA Team.


The Computerised Manufacturing Control Systems are an integral part of the company’s QA processes. These systems facilitate the generation of process control documents that specify checkpoints and critical controls for each process. Line supervisors use these documents to monitor and record data which is uploaded into the system to ensure adherence to quality parameters, process efficiency and productivity. It also enables the QC team to reduce process failures, deviations and manufacturing errors.


At the exit point of the manufacturing process, Pre-Delivery Inspections are carried out on the basis of random sampling through a series of dock audits. This facilitates the detection of any anomalies that may have slipped through the process. As an extension of this process, the resolution of customer complaints is also monitored and analysed by the top management to ensure the formulation and implementation of appropriate preventive and corrective measures.


A world class ERP System from Godrej deployed by Jumps integrates all key functions and processes across the organisation. Access controls built into the system enable all key personnel are various levels to use the data on a need-to-know basis.


The quality mindset at Jumps is reinforced by the creation of a cutting edge Information Technology-enabled work environment that significantly reduces the probability of human error. Leveraging high-end connectivity and networking tools, the systems are designed to ensure that data and access are segregated in a manner wherein an isolated incident of human error affecting the data cannot replicate itself across the system.


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