Manufacturing Excellence

Our assembly processes have been refined for decades and manufacturing reliable products.

Flexible Assembly Processes

Quick changeovers & assembling complex products are our strengths

Precision and Quality

High Accuracy assemblies are routine work for us, our quality team works around the clock to ensure high quality products

Engineering and R&D

Our teams of designers use state-of-the-art software to design, test and prototype our products

Customer Tailored Solutions

Flexibility is one of our strongest competencies & we work to create solutions tailored to our customers
Manufacturing Excellence

Our assembly processes have been refined over decades to manufacture reliable products

Over the years, Jumps has mastered the art of combining technology solutions in critical areas with self-certifying Poka Yoke systems that enables us to leverage the dual advantage of low-cost labour and advanced technology.

  • “Everything-under-One-roof” setup
  • High Efficiency Low Cost
  • Large Production Capacity
Process Capability Index (CPK)

Manufacturing Plant in Gurgaon, India

Fully Integrated Manufacturing Facility

Majority sub-assemblies are produced in-house

Jumps Auto - Starter Motor Alternator Manufacturers
Jumps India Starter Motor Alternator Manufacturers
Armature Commutator Bar

Highly Trained & Effective Workforce

Focus on Process Engineering

Production Optimization for Minimal Downtime

Jumps India Starter Motor Alternator Manufacturers
CNC Machining of Armature
Automatic Paper Insertion Machine
Flexible Assembly Processes

Quick changeovers & assembling complex products are our strengths

Right from the inception of our manufacturing plant, our primary focus has been on establishing adaptable manufacturing processes. Our assembly lines can switch the product being created at the line in a matter of minutes.

We utilize this strength to offer products tailored towards the needs of our customers & optimize our production planning to extract the most possible value from the hours in our day.

Changeover Performance
Precision & Quality

The focus on quality is implicit in the systems and workflows of our organisation

At Jumps, the obsession with quality is a deeply ingrained organizational trait. Quality is not seen merely as a specification to be adhered to, a standard to be matched or a benchmark to be met.

For us at Jumps, Quality is a long-term commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction.

First Time Right (FTR )

Robotic Precision in Machining

Performance & Quality Testing

Poka Yoke Control Systems

VMC machine Jumps India Starter Motor Alternator Manufacturers
Starter Motor Testing Machine
Pole Checker Machine

Dedicated Design & Engineering Team

In-house Tool Room

Continuous Improvement & VAVE

CNC Machine Operator
Profile Projector Machine
Engineering and R&D

Our engineers utilize the latest technology to ensure Product Reliability

At Jumps, Product Research & Development is a core competence area handled by our dedicated team of engineers & designers.

We use the latest software & technology to ideate, model & benchmark our product designs to ensure robust products. Our team is comprised of cross-functional and multi-skilled personnel who have decades of experience in the automotive sector.

Application Engineering Success Rate
Customer Tailored Solutions

Fulfilling our customers’ unique needs in over 50 countries

Jumps aims to foster a culture of excellence within customer service. We do this by focusing on a process of continuous improvement on every service we offer.

Jumps works with customers to understand & serve their commercial requirements over branding, packaging & other shipping services. Let us know your needs and we will work to fulfil them.

Customer Satisfaction

Export worthy Packaging

Private Label Branding

Top Notch Service

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